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Utilizing Gaussian Process Classification for Numerical Classification

April 22, 2018

Talk, Austin Peay State University, Machine Learning Colloquium, Clarksville, Tennessee

Gaussian Processes have been utilized for a number of regression problems that we cannot assume any distribution on. The nonparametric qualities of gaussian processes allow for the development of a bayesian prior utilizing the observed points in the development of a posterior distribution. This method of model generation can be extended to a classification problem by applying the gaussian prior to a logistic regression problem. In this talk, I discuss examples of Gaussian Process Regression as well as an application on the MNIST dataset. The method is compared against other popular ML methods such as SVM, KNN, and MLP.

Percolation of Mat’ern II Point Processes on a Random Graph

April 27, 2017

Talk, Austin Peay State University, Senior Research Seminar, Clarksville, Tennessee

Point processes, specifically those on graphs, are of recent increasing interest in the applied mathematics community due to their wide range of applications. The inclusion of increasing types of point processes has allowed research to delve further into more complex and more realistic examples of graphs. In this case, I study Mat’ern II point processes, or hard shell points with some radius that annihilate each other to simulate real world objects interacting with each other.